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Each  country has many places of interest. People are proud of the wonderful sights of their native land.

There are a lot of cities to excite you.

We invite you to watch the presentation (from http://prezentacii.com/angliiskii_yazik/

which was made by Russian pupils about one of the largest city in the USA – New York.

Then we offer you to watch the video on the web-site http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-58nsUMFs8&feature=related

Learn this information and answer the questions:

How many boroughs is New York City comprised?

 Why is Time Square called so?

Where do the most famous artists perform in New York?

What is the height of the Chrysler Building?

Where is the complex of 19 commercial buildings situated?

What cathedral is the largest decorated with Gothic style ?

How old is the Empire State Building?

What events in Madison Square Garden take place?

What districts are joined Brooklyn Bridge?

Is Brooklyn Bridge the longest or the oldest bridge in the world?

What is the most exciting location in Manhattan during evening hours? Is it the city of darkness?  

     Send the answer to these questions to our e-mail  knjazeva_vika@mail.ru and  get the fifth (the last) key-word.

Find the pictures of some places of interest in New York City using the Internet-search.

Finish your presentation with some last answers.

Make up the phrase using your key-words. Fill in this phrase in the Internet-search and find the name and photo of the person who wrote it.

Get to know the information about this person.

And then put the phrase and author's photo at the end of your presentation. Save the presentation as "The USA”.

Send all your works ( presentation, booklet, video) to our e-mail  knjazeva_vika@mail.ru in April, 21


Your works be disposed on our web-site. You can see the results and the winners in April, 23. Be patient!