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If you want to know the soul of the country’s nature you have to… just look at it. You can watch the nature of the USA through the eyes of Americans.

We invite you to watch a beautiful nature of Yellowstone national park.

Visit the web-site http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dbPxX1l7g0Q&feature=related

Answer the questions after watching the video:

What is Yellowstone national park famous for?

What bird does the journey from Mexico to Yellowstone?

Where isn’t summer in June?

In what month are there many seeds in the air?

How high do the grizzly-bears climb up to the mountains?

     Send the answer to these questions to our e-mail  knjazeva_vika@mail.ru and  get the fourth key-word. Use the vocabulary if it’s necessary.

While listening the video about Yellowstone, you have to make up the list of animals which live there.

Find the pictures of these animals using the Internet-search. Make up a video about nature of Yellowstone. Use the Windows Movie Maker programme (you can use MS Power Point).

Save the video as "Yelowstone.avi” ("Yelowstone.pps").


The next task will be in April, 18.