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Task 1

1.       You have to visit the web-site http://english-info.ucoz.ru/index/history_of_the_usa/0-232. Here you can read the text that learning by Belorussian pupils.

2.       Find the name of a European man who became the most important man for America 5 centuries ago.

3.       Send his name on our e-mail knjazeva_vika@mail.ru.  If your answer is wrong you can try once more. If your answer is right you’ll get the key-word. Save it. You’ll get the links of some web-sites too.

4.       Visit these web-sites and watch the video on it.

5.       Find the answers to these questions:

There are a few legends about discovering of North America. What countries or nations discovered North America?

What ways (through oceans) did they choose to get to North America?

Draw the lines on our map to choose the route the first travelers had made. Use the programme Paint.

6.       Put this information into your part 1 of the project. Give a title "Discovering the USA”. Save it.

7.       You have 2 days for this task.

8.       The next task will be in April, 11.


So, today you have to do the next task.

1.     The theme of these task you can find at web-site http://www.lingvotutor.ru/topiki-po-anglijskomu-yazyku-na-temu-usa#1.5 . You can get to know how Russian pupils continue to learn the USA. Read the text  The USA. Geographical Position. Climate. Rich Resources and The United States of America  and answer:

What are the riches of the USA?

2.     You have to send the answer to our e-mail knjazeva_vika@mail.ru  .

3.     You can get the second key-word and the next list of the questions.

4.     The second part of your project is:

5.     Visit the web-site http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9RhPlrgk0-0 and watch the video.

6.     Answer the questions:

What continent is located the USA?

What countries is the USA bordered by?

How many regions are there?

What are the biggest and the smallest states of the USA?

What oceans is the USA washed by?

7. Put this information into your part 2 of the project. Give a title " Where is there…?” Save it.

8. You have 2 days for this task.

9.  The next task will be in April, 13.


You have already known a lot of interesting things about the history and geography of the USA. You see that it is a beautiful and big country with an ancient past. But the most important thing in each country is people which live there. Americans have a lot of different traditions, holidays and occupations.  They love their land and their native language. Their country has been changing. And the Americans are changing too. They’re changing their society, opinions and, of course, their language.

Visit the web-site http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WCfV7OkNCDo&feature=fvwrel  and watch the video. Answer the questions:

1.     What do we mean when say North American English?

2.     What vocabulary can we see in this video? (What is the theme of this vocabulary?) Who can use it in your opinion?

Make up the booklet. The theme of this booklet is:  to help to the foreigners to understand the Americans in their daily life and feel comfortable in the USA. Use the pictures to explain the word’s meaning.

Send the answer to the first question to our e-mail  knjazeva_vika@mail.ru and  get the third key-word.

The next task will be in April, 16.